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Read what past attendees have had to say about our
Women with Drive - Driven by Mobil 1 Summit through our anonymous survey

"This was one of the most inspiring automotive events I have ever attended."

"The opportunity to network with so many women in the industry was
fantastic. I learned so much and felt empowered when I left."

"If you had a 5+ that would have been my rating."

"It was spectacular! I was truly impressed with the level of guests/speakers and felt like I was truly privileged to be networking with some of the  highest-level people in the industry."

"I was so humbled to see so many professional women with a motor mindset in one place. Very excited for the future of all the friendships made!"

"My mind is in overdrive as a result of the conference. So many of my limiting self-beliefs were proven just that, my own linting thoughts and not reality. Definitely wish something like this was around back when I was working the V8's in Oz, I’m sure my career path would have been very different but no time like the present!"

"Awesome, awesome conference! Tons of energy. Great topics. Good
camaraderie and networking ops. Loved it."

"It was wonderful!  Cannot even begin to compile the superlatives and positive comments!"

"It was one of the most educational and rewarding events I’ve ever attended."

"This was so eye-opening and truly heartwarming to see all of the women and MEN involved in making the racing world more accessible in so many ways.  Everything was so well put together as I had no idea what to expect and it truly blew me away."

"The women on the panels and all the other I met blow me away with
the passion, commitment and achievements."

"I was so impressed by the level of real-talk we had from the panelists, how the days flowed, and the opportunities you provided to so many young women to network."

"I will be honest, I did not anticipate the crowd and under estimated the event in general. Once I saw the run of show and the guest list I was like oh damn. Honored to be asked to participate and from my perspective, it looked like a great event. I have people wanting to attend in future years!"

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