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For the third consecutive year, Amanda Busick will serve as the host for the Women with Drive - Driven by Mobil 1 Summit.

Amanda is an award-winning broadcast reporter for the NHRA on FOX Sports, NASCAR on FOX for the Craftsman Truck Series, Presenter/Pit Lane Reporter for SRO America GT World Challenge on CBS Sports, Grid Host/Pit Lane Reporter for FIA Formula E on CBS and Presenter/Pit Lane Reporter for Ferrari Challenge on CBS as well as a live-event host/moderator for Formula 1, Discovery, MotorTrend, NFL on Location and more.

Venue Host


Latasha Causey
Phoenix Raceway - President

Latasha Causey is the President of NASCAR’s Phoenix Raceway, overseeing the promotion and operation of the modernized facility that is a top motorsports and entertainment destination in the Phoenix, AZ, market.  She is the first African American female to hold this role in NASCAR’s history.


Latasha is a Phoenix native and grew up in the West Valley.  Prior to joining Phoenix Raceway, she was the Community Development Officer for Bell Bank. Latasha also worked for over a decade at USAA’s North Phoenix Campus. Holding various leadership roles, responsible for strengthening USAA's brand and culture in the Phoenix market. 

Over the last 20 years, Latasha has worked for various financial organizations having a vast knowledge of the Community Development and Human Resources fields. 

Invited Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Bobby and Kristin Labonte
Breaking Limits Co-Owners

A husband and wife duo of two titled and accomplished professional athletes, Bobby and Kristin Labonte stand shoulder to shoulder in life and in business. Through their stories, they share the hard lessons learned as professional athletes and how those lessons apply to all of us in life, relationships, careers and personal development.


Bobby carries many titles including 2000 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, ESPY award winner, and NASCAR Hall of Famer. Kristin is also a champion - with a national equestrian championship, as an All-American triathlete, and three-time USA Cycling National Champion closing out her athletic career by winning the 2012 World Masters Cycling Time Trial championship title. Together, they own Breaking Limits - a brand strategy, experiential marketing and communications agency that creates and executes strategies designed to build relationships, drive brand loyalty and increase revenue for their clients. They also run the Bobby Labonte Foundation, which has raised more than $1 million for organizations that support children and families. 


Diane Parker - "The Power of Storytelling"
Elevation Consultants LLC - Owner

Diane Parker is extremely passionate about the brain science associated with the power of storytelling to convey brand, event, and self-messaging. An irresistible story elevates and captures hearts by first attracting the brain!


Diane is a sedulous leader and business strategist that retired within the past year as the Vice President of the Hagerty Drivers Foundation. She remains on the Board of Directors of the Foundation as Treasurer. She also serves on the Steering, Marketing, and Scholarship, Grants and Education Committees for America’s Automotive Trust. In the past, Diane served on the Advisory Committee for the Petersen Business Incubator Program for Women in the Automotive Industry. 


In retirement, Diane has focused on health, well-being, travel, and community. She started her own business: Elevation Consultants. Diane’s life mission is to make such a difference in the lives of others that they realize how very valuable they are. 


Carlette Patterson - "CHAMPION Change"
Patterson Sports Ventures - Chief Wellbeing Officer

Carlette’s background, expertise and experience have all been in the world of sports. She was a college athlete, a national-ranked swim coach, created and sold a wellness company, worked for the National Football League (NFL), the NBA Developmental League, founded a non-profit – Y.E.S. (You Equal Success), and after being trained by Martha Beck, number one Life Coach in America, Carlette created CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®.

Carlette draws on her personal challenges and triumphs combined with 30+ years of senior leadership in professional, collegiate, and amateur sports organization to ignite purpose and passion to create Championship Change in three-dimensions (3D): Professional = Success; Personal = Significance; Philanthropic = Service of our lives.

Panels Day 1
_Stephanie Piimauna_Headshot.jpg

 Stephanie Piimauna - "The Five Reasons Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter"
Seminole Hard Rock - Sr. Vice President & Chief DEI Office

Stephanie develops Diversity and Inclusion strategies that drive results. By leveraging diversity and inclusion principles, she focuses on cultivating inclusive environments that are measurable through a set of specific goals. She develops scorecards that track progress and hold leaders accountable. She leads a team responsible for creating development opportunities, managing Team Member Resource Groups and Diversity Councils, designing and overseeing mentoring, coaching and sponsorship programs, enhancing the company's reputation through reputation surveys, measuring diversity and inclusion efforts through the use of advanced analytics and developing and delivering Diversity & Inclusion education.


With a background in Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion, Stephanie passionately drives for change by applying cutting-edge approaches that produce lasting outcomes. As part of her work in D&I, Stephanie coaches leaders to develop the skills needed to grow internal talent and fill the talent pipeline. She helps leaders surface potential biases and implement strategies to attract, develop and retain diverse talent.


In addition, Stephanie is an internal consultant in Sales, Marketing, Supplier Diversity, Information Technology, Business Operations, Market Place Expansion, Workforce Development, Customer Service, and more. Stephanie holds her degree in Business and Human Resources and earned certifications in Leadership Effectiveness, Diversity & Inclusion, Change & Project Management and Finance. She is a coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has served as a Diversity & Inclusion consultant, facilitator, and keynote speaker for organizations and conferences within the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Angela Ruggiero - "Give Me Data"
CEO, Co-Founder at Sports Innovation Lab, Executive Director, Women's Sports Club

Angela is a pioneer and leading figure in the sports world, having served as an elite athlete, educator, administrator, advisor, board member, and investor in the world of sport. 

She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Sports Innovation Lab, a market research firm focused on the intersection of sports and innovation- with a focus on identifying trends and evaluating technology products and services that will drive the future of sport. 

Ruggiero, a Member of the 2015 Hockey Hall of Fame, is a 4-time Olympian in ice hockey, winning a Gold Medal in 1998, Silver Medal in 2002 and 2010, and a Bronze Medal in 2006. In her career, she was named as the best Player in the NCAA, and the World by The Hockey News. 

Ali Donnelly - "Give Me Data"
CEO, More Than Equal, Finding the First Female F1 Champion

Ali Donnelly became CEO of More Than Equal in March of 2023. More than Equal is an independent nonprofit initiative aiming to find and develop Formula 1's first female world champion. With a strong and experienced team from the world of sport and business and a passion for gender equality, the organization has just published the most comprehensive piece of research ever into women in motorsport and is now building a world-leading female driver development program which will support high potential young talent.  The organization was founded by thirteen-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard and entrepreneur-philanthropist Karel Komarek. Its evidence-led work is underpinned by a key principle – that success in elite motorsport is incredibly difficult and that More than Equal is not trying to make it easier for women, rather it is trying to make it equally difficult.

Day One

Fireside Chat

Lyn St. James chats with NASCAR's Lesa France Kennedy and Steve Phelps about the past, present and future of women in their sport.


Lyn St. James


Lesa France Kennedy
Vice Chair


Steve Phelps

Panel Discussion:  "Building a Community"

It takes a community to build a successful organization and to affect change. Communities are created for different reasons, such as creating an impact, generating revenue, sharing a mission, engaging like-minded people, and reaching new people with your message. Whether based on membership, enrollment, research, or creating a database, it requires a vision and a commitment to engage others. Hear from successful people who have created communities with different objectives. 


Eva Gregory - Manager, Marketing Partnerships Motorsport, Hagerty 



Ryan B Allen - Automotive Brands & Partnership Manager, North America, Mobil 1  

Judy Kean - Co-founder, EPARTRADE

Pippa Mann - Racing Driver, Coach, Shift Up Now-Leader

Mia Walsh - PCA National HPDE Chair, Porsche Club of America

Panel Discussion:  "Global Impact of Women in Motorsports"

Roles for women in Motorsports are more similar than different around the world. The FIA Women in Motorsports Commission has been in place since 2010 and has representatives from more than 30 countries. While our languages and the types of racing offered in different parts of the world differ, we have more in common than differences. Being taken seriously, garnering enough experience to realize our potential, gender bias environments and cultures, and lack of role models and allies, exist everywhere. If we can join hands, share best practices, and learn from each other, we are stronger together than individually.  



John Doonan – President, International Motorsports Association (IMSA) 




Irana Ahmadova - Head of HR and Workforce, Baku City Circuit

Kate Beaven – Advisor to the Board, More than Equal 

Ellen Lohr - Director Motorsport, Lead Development, bei AVL

Nathalie Moutet – Executive Director, OMDAI FIA MEXICO 

Mathilde Rebours – Chargee de Development Club, LeMans Automobile Club De L’Quest 

Panel Discussion:  "Creating More Seats at the Table"

Women’s voices, gender, and expertise were often limited because they represented a token seat at the leadership table. Consequently, it was an isolated opportunity to be often protected rather than opening a door for one or more women. Beth Paretta has often been quoted saying, "One way to help create change and growth is to create more seats at the table." The first female trainer to win the Belmont Stakes was recently quoted, "If you're not welcome at the table, build a new table." The issue here is how to expand more opportunities for women's voices and points of view to have more significant influence in leadership roles. It's statistically proven companies that have more women in leadership roles are more successful and profitable.   



Beth Paretta – Chief Executive Officer, Paretta Autosports, Co-Chair, WIMNA


Jonathan Applegate - Senior Manager, Motorsports, Mazda North American Operations

Jacob Bergenske - Director, Bosch Motorsport North America

Carolyn Jackson - Vice President of Brand Strategy, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Barrett-Jackson

Stephanie Piimauna - Sr. Vice President, Chief DEI Officer, Hard Rock Cafe

Breakouts Day 1

Breakout A:  "The Bigger Picture of Motorsports"

The traditional and most visible forms of motorsports, such as stock car racing, open-wheel racing, drag racing, and sports car racing, are considered the most well-known. But the world of motorsports is much bigger. Like go-karting, different forms of motorcycle racing, off-road racing, legend cars racing, rallying, and so much more are types of racing growing by leaps and bounds. Plus, alternative fuel racing (Formula E, Extreme E, etc.). Our world of motorsports continues to grow, so let’s learn more about them. 



Jessica Fickenscher - Chief Experience Officer, Speedway Motorsports Inc. 


Danielle Frye - Director, Event Management, USAC.25 / NASCAR Youth Series

Josie Rimmer - Head of Strategy & Women in Motorsport Coordinator, DirtFish

Sara Walker - Sportsman Racing Manager, NHRA

Breakout B:  "Women in Racing Utilizing Virtual Channels"

Virtual forms of motorsports are huge and continue to bring new audiences into motorsports. How can we leverage these virtual tools to help reach new and younger audiences? We need to go to them where they are on their computers, phones, and simulators.  Learn from experts in the industry about eRacing, Sim racing and more.



Christian Tennyson – Founder and CEO, MySim


Sabré Cook - Professional Racing Driver/ Mechanical Engineer/ Driver Coach, Kelly Moss 

Stefy Bau - Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Init Esports

Angela Tagariello - Sales and Marketing Manager, I-Racing

Breakout C:  "How to Use Your Social Media/Communication
to Grow the Sport"

We need role models to help show women doing different things in motorsports, which will ultimately grow the entire motorsports industry. Everyone needs to expand their communication skills, including the effective use of social media. It’s a new world, so let’s dig into the most effective way to build careers and images of women in motorsports.




Victoria Thomas, Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder, Kelly Moss 




Lindsey Mandia – Vice President of Production, Fox 

Jaclyn Sunseri - Vice President, Media Revenue and Sales, Hemmings

Megan Mayer – Megan Mayer Racing

AshVandelay - Motorsport Content Creator and Twitch Streamer 

Breakout D:  "Careers in Motorsports Safety and Healthcare"

Motorsports is a challenging and dangerous sport, not only for just racing drivers. It requires an understanding and appreciation for risk-taking and safety challenges. It's also a fast-paced and stressful work environment. Women continue to play a more significant role in these important careers. Listen and learn from some of the women who are paving the way. 



Gail Truess - AMR Safety Team driver with INDYCAR and pace car driver


Dr. Tia Konzer, DO - Psychiatric consultant for NASCAR's medical liaison unit, Konzer Psychiatric

Dr. Melissa McCarthy - IndyCar Lead Safety Research

Dr. Julia Vaizer - Medical Director, IndyCar and IMS

Tracy Ballard – Clinical Operations Manager, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IU Health 

Breakout E:  "Is Technology the Best Opportunity to Shine?"

The role and visibility of women-race engineers have increased significantly. When Leena Gade became the first female lead race engineer to win the 24 Hours of LeMans in 2011 (and again in 2012 and 2014) with her team’s Audi R18 race car, and in 2012 she won the FIA World Endurance Championship “Man of the Year” award, I think it’s safe to say "the doors were opened" wide. While there have been other women engineers on race teams, the visibility of Leena’s success (supported by an Audi television commercial) certainly has broadened the opportunity for others to follow. More and more women are working in technology and engineering in motorsports than ever, and it continues to grow. How can we use this as an example for other professional careers for women in motorsports? 



Alba Colon - Director of Competition Systems, Hendrick Motorsports


Anna Chatten - Gearbox Mechanic, Ganassi Racing

Kate Gundlach - Performance Engineer, Arrow McLaren SP

Fiona McEwan – Motorsports Technical Engineer - Formula 1, ExxonMobil 

TaiJaune Robinson - Engineering Business Manager - Motorsports Competition, GM Motorsports

Breakout F:  "Why It's Important to Highlight Women at
Tracks, Venues and Events"

Women have been the lifeblood of the racing community as workers, competitors, crew members, volunteers, officials, etc. for as long as racing has existed. But they have often been overlooked or just not acknowledged for their participation and contribution. By taking the time to create an event to highlight and celebrate those who are and have been contributing, it sets an example of how they are appreciated which sends a message to ALL women, including fans, how they are welcomed and valued. It is one small way to help engage and inspire new members, fans, sponsors, and competitors to grow your network and community. 



Dicky Riegel – President, Lime Rock Park  



Brooke Bond - Motorsport Operations Lead Brooke Bond, Bosch NA 

Kim McCullough - Chief Marketing Officer, Parella Motorsports Holdings 

Liz Allison – Executive Vice President, Music City Grand Prix

Day Two

Panels Day 2

Panel Discussion:  "Women Driven By Dreams"

Most of us dream of doing something, but do we have the vision and courage to act on them? Are we bold, smart, strong, willing to take risks to follow through, or wait until the opportunity presents itself? Have we written them down, shared them with others, and said them out loud? What does it take? 



Linda Lindquist Bishop - President, Courageous Thinking & World Champion Sailor 


Caitlyn Brown - Inside Front Tire Changer, Penske, Indy Car  

Erica Enders - Five-Time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion

Ashley Freiberg - 2023 PorscheSprint Challenge Champion

Julie Giese – President, Chicago Street Course   

Melissa Paris - Team Owner and Crew Chief, MP13 Racing 

Panel Discussion:  "Don't Let Ego Get In The Way"

Motorsports is one of the most competitive environments on the planet. The culture within an organization/team is to compete, not only with the outside competition but often within the organization/team. With more women being integrated into these roles, the internal culture has changed into a much more collaborative way of working, breaking down the internal competition and leading to much more "team"/organizational" success.  



Ashley Chalk – Vice President Partnerships, TMRW Sports Group



Michelle Byron – Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing, NASCAR

Alana Casner - Vice President, Content & Strategy, Parity

Jeannee Kirklady – Motorsports Marketing Manager, Ford Performance

Connie Nyholm - Owner & Chief Executive Officer, VIRginia International Raceway

Breakout G:  "The Secret Sauce - Sponsorships
In Motorsports"
Breakouts Day 2

The lifeline of motorsports is sponsorship. Individuals, teams, tracks, sanctioning bodies, educators, race organizations, and not-for-profits are all reaching out for those dollars, and we often trip over one another. The list of stakeholders in the sport (OEMs, automotive and motorsports suppliers, vendors, etc.) is long and growing, but we also need to grow our audiences to create the ROI that sponsors need. Big challenges exist. What does the future look like? 

Moderator:  Lisa Boggs - Director, Bridgestone Americas Motorsports


Lauren Campbell Berger - Director of Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Ally 

Kevin Conway - Team Owner, Smooge Racing 

Liz Dorrance - Associate Vice President & Digital Marketing & Strategy, Gainbridge 

Claire Ritchie – Executive Vice President International, rEvolution

Breakout H:  "Advancing Careers in the Motorsports

How can we work better with educators, career counselors, and curriculum creators to include and highlight career opportunities in motorsports? There are so many variables involved. But we need to figure this out to grow the pool of talent needed successfully.  

Moderator:   Jennifer Maher - Executive Director, TechForce Foundation 


Lindsay Hofferberth – Assistant Professor, Sport & Motorsport Management, Belmont Abbey College 

Abigayle Morgan - Assistant Director of Auto Restoration, McPherson College

Chad Ogle - National Marketing Managers Director, Universal Technical Institute 

Breakout I:  "Foundations That are Making a Difference"

Besides the traditional forms of educational internships and scholarships, the need for grassroots programs to expose, invite, and train new people to what the world of motorsports looks like so they can see themselves working in this industry won't happen. We need to reach people in as many different avenues as possible. Foundations can take their passion and leadership to make things happen and create programs tailored to their areas of expertise. Let's find ways to support them.  



Lauri Eberhart - Partner, Apollo Sports & Entertainment Law Group, Board Member WIMNA 



Michelle Della Penna - Founder & President, Della Penna Foundation

McKenna Haase - Executive Director, Youth Racers of America Inc.

Victoria Martinez Muela - Founder, Pathway to the Pits

Dana Wilke - Co-Founder and Board Member, The Jessi Combs Foundation

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